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Deck Cleaning Tips for Common Wood Problems

Algae: Algae is a living organism. It will have a black or greenish tint and appear on wood in areas with high moisture and low sunlight. It is very common under trees and on the underside of decks. Algae can be easily removed after applying DRS Deck Cleaner and thoroughly pressure washing the surface.

Fuzzy Wood: Fuzzy Wood is a problem that occurs after pressure washing the wood. It is where the fibers in the wood are raised. This can be a result of too much pressure while washing or letting a deck stripper sit too long on the surface. It can easily be corrected by dry sanding the affected area.

Grease: The spot must be soaked with DRS Stripper or Degreaser and then pressure washed.

Mildew: Mildew is a fungus that leaves a stain on the wood. Fungus grows in areas of low light and high moisture. It is easily removed during the cleaning process.

Mill Glaze: Mill glaze is caused by improper cutting of the wood at the lumber mill. Most of the time it is found on the railing or spindles of the deck. An experienced deck washer will notice mill glaze during the washing process. It can be easily removed with a bleach and water mixture.

Melted Wax: Melted wax can be removed with a heat gun. Once the wax gets hot it can be collected with a rag or towel.

Tannin Marks: Redwood and Cedar contain tannin and this will rise to the surface when exposed to water. Tannin will appear as black marks on the wood surface. Tannin is removed with DRS Deck Cleaner.

Did You Know…

Probably one of the two biggest myths about decks is that pressure treated lumber does not need to be sealed. This is false. Pressure treated lumber will protect wood from decay and insects, however, all lumber still needs to be protected from the sun, water, snow and cold temperatures. If actions are not taken, mildew, splitting, cracking, graying, fading, sun damage, splintering, cupping, and warping are all possible. The second myth is that sealers that cause water to bead up are better products. This is also false. Wax and Silicones are what cause the water to bead up on the wood surface. These products are short lived because they break down quickly from weather and foot traffic.

Common Deck Problems

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