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Always use a penetrating sealer

  • Protects the interior and exterior portions of the wood
  • Soaks deep into the wood
  • Prevents water and UV damage
  • Can be easily removed without harmful chemicals
  • EPA and VOC compliant
  • Doesn’t show wear…will not peel, chip or flake

Do not use products that lay on the surface

  • Forms a film on exterior wood surface
  • Film becomes damaged by UV rays and water which results in peeling rapidly and readily
  • Some of these products cannot be removed thereby forcing you to use a solid stain
  • Guarantee covers UV damage but does not cover peeling, chipping and flaking
  • Common brands for these types of products are Flood and Behr

Ask the Builder*

Builder Tim Carter of Carter Builder Inc, in Cincinnati says, “You’ll regret using a deck finish that forms a film over the surface. Your deck sealer is peeling because you selected a film-forming product. Not all deck sealers or water repellants are created equal. Film forming deck finishes contain clear resins that soak into the wood, but they also remain at the surface.”

“A film on any horizontal wood deck or railing is a kiss of death. Penetrating water repellants are a better choice. They soak deeply into the wood and stop water penetration.”

*Dayton Daily News, Thursday April 19, 2001

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